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Descriptive Programming Sample Codes

In this blog post, we will see some useful Descriptive Programming Sample Codes which helps you to achieve some basic operations. Below code retrieves number of web buttons in QAInsights window: Set Desc = Description.Create() Desc(“micclass”).Value = “WebButton” Set Buttons = Browser(“QAInsights”).Page(“QAInsights”).ChildObjects(Desc) MsgBox “Number of Buttons: ” & Buttons.Count Below […]

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Descriptive Programming in HP QTP

In this blog, we will see about Descriptive Programming in HP QTP and some sample codes which helps you to learn and practice. What is Descriptive Programming? By default, QTP recognizes everything as an object. Each object’s properties, methods, and values get stored in repository called Object Repository. During run-time, […]

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How to launch QTP using VB Script?

We will see how to launch QTP using simple VB Script snippet. First we need to declare an object using below syntax: Dim qtpApp as QuickTest.Application Set qtpApp=new QuickTest.Application or Set qtpApp = CreateObject(“QuickTest.Application”) To check whether QTP is already open, use Application.Launched or Application.GetStatus To return all the addins […]

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Business Process Testing in HP QTP

In my last project, I was told to create Business Process Components using QuickTest Pro (QTP) and Quality Center (QC). In this blog post, I would like to share about Business Process Testing and understanding its workflow. What is Business Process Testing? Business Process Testing is a role based testing. […]

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