Performance Testing using TruWeb

Micro Focus announced its newer protocol called TruWeb in LoadRunner 12.60. TruWeb has lot of potential in future performance testing arena. It is scalable, light weight, and cross-platform compatible.

 Performance Testing using TruWeb

Feedback from Micro Focus

Great course if you want to start with TruWeb. Takes you from the basics of installation and setting up your environment to advanced topics like extractors.

Boris Kozorovitzky - Architect of TruWeb

Performance Testing using TruWeb

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Hey perf guys, I am really excited to announce that my first Udemy course – Performance Testing using TruWeb is now available. Here is the link to checkout and buy my course at a whopping discount from Udemy Performance Testing using TruWeb Micro Focus announced its newer protocol called TruWeb in LoadRunner 12.60. TruWeb has lot of potential in…

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Free Burst Testing from Micro Focus

Free Burst Testing from Micro Focus | I hope you already knew the changes in the Micro Focus performance testing solutions such as LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Cloud, and LoadRunner Enterprise. Recently I stumbled upon my old post about How to performance test with 100K virtual users for free?, there I have listed HPE StormRunner Load link. HPE landing page is…

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Things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020 Eventually those who are working in the earlier versions of LoadRunner will soon start upgrading to 2020 packages. I have not officially started working in the 2020 versions. I hope my client will update the machines soon. This blog post will list out the things that you will miss in LoadRunner 2020…

DevWeb Vs TruClient Protocol

DevWeb Vs TruClient Protocol Micro Focus products have evolved recently; product names, version conventions, new features, enhancements etc. It is performance testers responsibility to adhere to the recent changes and be top of it. One of my reader has asked what is the difference between DevWeb and TruClient protocol in Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional. This blog post will address the…

What’s new in TruClient 2020?

We have been seeing about the recent changes made in the latest version of LoadRunner from Micro Focus. Last posts were about LoadRunner change, VuGen 2020, Controller 2020, and DevWeb. It’s time to move on to TruClient protocol. This blog post highlights what’s new in TruClient 2020. Introducing TruClient 2020 TruClient is a protocol in LoadRunner (or VuGen) to measure…

What’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb Protocol?

Recently Micro Focus announced its next iteration of LoadRunner products. You can check out my previous posts about VuGen 2020 and Controller 2020. This blog post will highlight about what’s new in Micro Focus DevWeb protocol. What is DevWeb protocol? DevWeb is officially a newer protocol added to the VuGen. It was called TruWeb when it was in tech preview…

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In last post, we have discussed about what’s new in Virtual User Generator 2020. As a continuation, we will see about what’s new in Controller 2020. Controller helps you to design the workload, monitor your execution, and export the results to Analysis. In this newer version, there is a significant changes have been made in to Graphs. Visual Changes in…

What’s new in Virtual User Generator 2020?

If you are not aware, there are changes in the Micro Focus LoadRunner Family, you can check it out my previous blog post about the changes. This blog post is the continuation of my previous post where we are going to see about the what’s new in Virtual User Generator 2020, shortly we will call it as VuGen. Visual Changes…

Welcome to LoadRunner Family!

Changes are inevitable. From past several months, Micro Focus kept quiet about LoadRunner roadmap. No major announcements from the product team. I was guessing the next update would be 13.0, but surprisingly Micro Focus released series of blog posts in their community page and announced LoadRunner Family. As you know, QAInsights will always be the first one to release a…

Apache JMeter with Streamlit for Machine Learning

Apache JMeter Streamlit Machine Learning I recently stumbled upon an open source project called Streamlit. Streamlit is a framework where you can build custom Machine Learning tools by focussing on data science rather than the user interface. You can spin up your app with the intuitive user interface and leverage Python modules at ease. In this blog post, I am…

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I am not a avid user of Neotys Neoload, but I keep checking what features being introduced in every release. Couple weeks ago, Neotys has released its next iteration of Neoload 7.1. I am going to throw you an overview of Neoload 7.1 features and other stuffs. New Features Citrix Support Web tests Reservations More percentiles CI improvements Predefined Functions…

Apache JMeter 5.2.1

Last week, Apache JMeter team has released its newer version JMeter which is 5.2.1. I have already published couple videos of Apache JMeter 5.2 in my YouTube channel, please check it out. In Apache JMeter 5.2, Bolt protocol were introduced, JMESPath, improvements in the JDBC sampler etc. You can check my Windows Docker container for JMeter 5.2. In this article,…

Performance Testing IPFS Protocol

Performance Testing IPFS Protocol Recently I stumbled upon IPFS project while browsing in GitHub. I read the documentation and was able to quickly spin up it in my Windows laptop and started sharing my files to my wife. In this blog post, I will share the details about what is IPFS, how to get started, and performance testing IPFS protocol…

Performance Testing using Lighthouse CI Action

Performance Testing using Lighthouse CI Action Performance matters. Client-side, middleware, database, server-side whatever hop you are talking about, performance matters. Google Chrome’s Audit (Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools) helps you to improve the quality of the web page by validating critical factors like SEO, Accessibility, Performance, Progressive Web App (PWA), and Best Practices. Running audits every time is cumbersome. You can…

Performance Testing in R using Apache JMeter

Performance Testing in R using Apache JMeter Couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon an open source project from T-Mobile called loadtest. You can check the repository at GitHub. This blog post will discuss about how to get started performance testing in R using Apache JMeter by leveraging the loadtest package. Before we dive into further, you may ask why the…

Windows Docker Container for Apache JMeter 5.2

Apache JMeter 5.2 is out. You can check my YouTube video about what’s new in Apache JMeter 5.2. Last month, I have released Windows Docker Container for Apache JMeter 5.1.1, you can check my GitHub repository or Docker Hub for more details. This blog post will talk about Windows Docker Container for Apache JMeter 5.2. I have created a GitHub…

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