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Thanks for stopping by! I started QAInsights blog to help software testers in test automation and performance testing. This blog is now dedicated more around performance testing tools. I also conduct 1-on-1 online training, please connect with me for more details. You can read more about me here.

I primarily work on Micro Focus LoadRunner (Web, Web Services, TruClient, and TruWeb protocols), Apache JMeter, Neotys NeoLoad, Dynatrace, and Splunk. You can see articles about AWS, occasionally.

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My first Udemy Course – Performance Testing using TruWeb is now available

Hey perf guys, I am really excited to announce that my first Udemy course – Performance Testing using TruWeb is now available. Here is the link to checkout and buy my course at a whopping discount from Udemy Performance Testing using TruWeb Micro Focus announced its newer protocol called TruWeb in LoadRunner 12.60. TruWeb has lot of potential in…

My first Udemy Course - Performance Testing using TruWeb is now available

What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2

Surprisingly, Micro Focus has released its next iteration of LoadRunner updates which is Service Pack 2. Couple months ago, we have seen what’s new in service pack 1. This blog post will overview about LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2 where we are going to focus on LoadRunner Professional, particularly about VuGen, DevWeb, OneLG, and TruClient. How to download LoadRunner 2020…

What's new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2

How I successfully cleared Micro Focus LoadRunner Certification?

I have been working in LoadRunner since it was with Mercury Interactive. Almost a decade I guess. Still I remember how I struggled to complete my first script in Web HTTP/HTML protocol. Then I got a chance to work with web services, TruClient, and DevWeb. I always wanted to clear the LoadRunner certification. But due to various reasons I couldn’t….

How I successfully cleared Micro Focus LoadRunner Certification?

Deep-dive into Cloudflare’s Speed Test

There are lot of web apps available to test your home internet connection. Your ISP will have their own tool, I use from Netflix and Netgear Genie to make sure I am connected to Internet or not. Couple weeks ago Cloudflare has released its home grown solution to test the home internet connection called Speed Test. You can access…

Deep-dive into Cloudflare's Speed Test

Jump start with Fiddler Everywhere

Recently I got the opportunity to be a part of Fiddler Insider Program to sneak peek the new features of Fiddler Everywhere and to provide feedback. I have been using Fiddler since 2010 (almost a decade) which helps me in performance test scripting. In this blog post, we will jump start the all new Fiddler Everywhere and its new features….

Jump start with Fiddler Everywhere

Windows Network Sniffer – pktmon

Recently I read an article about all new Windows network sniffer tool called pktmon which got released in Windows 10 October 2018 update. It took a while to reach the tech community. In this blog post, we will see how to get started with pktmon and a quick walk through. What is pktmon? pktmon is a built-in network sniffer for…

Windows Network Sniffer - pktmon
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