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I am NaveenKumar.
Performance Engineer. I break stuffs. I know nothing.

Thanks for stopping by! I started QAInsights blog to help software testers with test automation and performance testing. This blog is now dedicated to performance testing tools. I also conduct 1-on-1 online training. Please contact me for more details. You can read more about me here.

I primarily work on Micro Focus LoadRunner (Web, Web Services, TruClient, and DevWeb protocols), Apache JMeter, Tricentis NeoLoad, Dynatrace, Kibana, Kubernetes and Splunk.

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The main reason shift left testing is not happening is product owners are not engaging the testers in the early phases of design and development. They do not give much importance to testing before the application hits production

“Quality of a software relies on testing often and involving testers very early in the design and development life cycle. Deploy a risk management practice to identify, assess, prioritize, measure, and mitigate. Once the product goes live, listen to customer feedback for a consistent improvement”.

“I have a joke about LoadRunner, but my think time is too high”

“Professional performance test engineer NaveenKumar Namachivayam took Civo Kubernetes out for a spin in his guide (and video) to deploy and run JMeter tests in Kubernetes. The guide runs through everything you need from starting your cluster and deploying JMeter to it, running your test suites and eventually viewing the results.”

“Namachivayam found that the InfluxDB-Grafana integration is simple and straightforward, and that running both in Docker containers is even easier. This integration helps him to monitor performance data in real time and also take the necessary steps while the test is running.”

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