Hi there! I am NaveenKumar Namachivayam. I hail from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and currently live in Cincinnati in the United States.

Here’s a beautiful picture of me, on the right, and my dad, Mr. Namachivayam, on the left. :)

Namachivayam & NaveenKumar
Namachivayam & NaveenKumar

Some quick-fire links to find me online:

Little me and my world

I am married to Preethi, with two little daughters: Diya and Jananya. I love spending time with my daughters – and they are actually my greatest teachers in life.

After work, I spend quality time writing blog articles for QAInsights, and I record a few tutorials for my YouTube channel.

Mostly, I write about techie stuff (other than software testing) in this blog. I love exploring innovative technology and gadgets. And I’m a keen follower of AppSumo and Product Hunt.

Occasionally, I update Wikipedia pages, and I regularly spend time poking around StackOverflow, MicroFocus Community, Google Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and Twitter. I also run and moderate the QAInsights community. It would be so cool to have you there with the other 7000+ software engineers, performance engineers, and software testers! Feel free to join and contribute to the performance testing community here.

I’ve also developed some apps:

  • PerfTractor: An online tool for performance engineers and testers.
  • Perf Calculator: A free iOS app, which is the app version of PerfTractor (not available in the iOS App Store, I cannot afford the developer fee every year).
  • PerfGPT: collection of AI-based tools

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to reach out to me through any of the channels I’ve mentioned above! 
Have a good one. :)

Go forth, and break stuffs!

17 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Naveen,

    Myself Kumar, am from Banglore. I have experience in testing domain. now am starting with performance testing using Neo Load. Kindly share me few study materials for same. I need few materials for workload model. Kindly help me out.


  2. Hi there,

    Hope you’re well!
    Do you offer sponsored post opportunities on your website https://qainsights.com/ ?
    I’m the Outreach Coordinator for a number of companies and work with sites
    in your industry to have them referenced in relevant articles.
    Is this something you currently offer or are open to discussing?

    All the best,
    Ivan Serrano

  3. Hi Naveen,

    I need some detail demonstration of LoadRunner tool for SAP NWBC work model. Right now i am facing lots of issues in that, I need to communicate with you regarding that and want to fix my issues.

  4. Hi Naveen,

    Can you please share a performance test strategy document that you have put together?
    It would be of immense help to a beginner like me to understand the approaching performance testing?


  5. I want to learn Performance Testing from the scratch and Load runner tool. Please provide me some study material.
    Already watching your videos it is superb for understanding.

  6. HI Naveen,
    I am using powerbi desktop application I need to capture the timing of the query execution. please let me know which protocol to use to capture the timing details

    Ramakrishna V


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