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Thanks for stopping by! You are in right place in right time to learn and excel in software testing. After graduation when I got my first job as software tester, everyone asked same question “What? testing? It has no scope in future. Buddy listen to me, do not take this job”.

Learn Software Testing
Learn Software Testing

But it was an ambition to me to get into a job in my dream company. Now it has been more than 8 years in testing arena. I am happy with my current roles and responsibilities.

What is Quality Assurance or Software Testing?

Quality Assurance is playing pivotal role in any organization growth and sustainability. We, QA engineers are the pillars of it. Each and every product must go through QA process before it hits the market. From hair pin to sandals, from telephones to tablets, from pen to clothes, each and every thing, must face QA process.

For example, you need a pen, what you do is, go to the shop, ask for a pen, and you grab a notepad and write your name or scribble it. You are just writing or scribbling, you are testing it. Whether the pen met your requirements or not. Read my below article on Learn Testing from Pen.

Learn Software Testing from Pen
Learn Software Testing from Pen

That is the importance of software testing. If any one of the requirement is not met, definitely you think again or switch it to the other product.

Who is Software Testing Engineer and What’s his/her responsibilities?

A person who validate and verify the product under test has been met its requirements or specifications is called Software Test Engineer. Also known as Tester or Test Engineer or Software Developer under Test will have the following role and responsibilities.

  1. Understanding the business requirements
  2. Understanding the change request document
  3. Analyzing the design
  4. Preparing/review the test approach or test strategy documents
  5. Preparing/review the test plan
  6. Preparing/review the test coverage matrix
  7. Test Environment readiness validation
  8. Test Execution
  9. Test Results documentation
  10. Submitting defects
  11. Conduct defects triage meetings
  12. Procuring sign-off from clients and architects

In this website, you can find many articles, important, and interesting stuffs about software testing. I will focus on various genre of software testing such as manual testing, test automation, and performance testing; tools like Apache JMeter, HP LoadRunner, HP QTP/UFT, will be focussed too.

Must Read Software Testing Articles

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  20. Improving the Test Process

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