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QTP Interview Questions and Answers – QTP Code Corner

In this blog post category, I would like to share QTP Interview Questions and Answers and QTP Code Corner which helps test engineers to face technical interview. QTP Interview Question #1 Get all characters from a string in QTP Below is the code snippet which extracts all characters from a […]

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HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Service Pack 11.52 is Released

Today HP has announced Unified Functional Testing (UFT) formerly known as QuickTest Pro (QTP) Service Pack 11.52. This patch contains quality and performance improvements. I yet to download the patch and test it. Meanwhile, I will list out the new improvements in this service pack. HP strongly recommends to upgrade […]

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How to upgrade from QTP to UFT? Questions answered.

Many of the project managers were skeptical to upgrade from QTP to UFT 11.5, though they have potential to upgrade. There might be many reasons such as older scripts will throw errors, incompatibility between older and newer scripts etc. Let me bring few points which clarifies such questions. Upgrade UFT […]

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Introduction to Object Repository in HP QTP

Dear Readers, I have created a video tutorial about Object Repository in HP QuickTest Pro (Unified Functional Testing). Thanks for visiting QAInsights! Check out our new portal to get updates on Software Testing related certifications. We’re always posting interesting articles on QAInsights. I request you to subscribe so you don’t miss […]

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