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Managing test plans in JMeter can be quite challenging. Starting JMeter, making and saving small changes, pushing them to a git repository, and running the test can be quite challenging. Believe me I spent too much time on this every day and I fed up. I created Hamster to be a small utility on your Mac menu bar or Windows status bar. It allows you to quickly launch JMeter or recent test plans, saving you time and improving productivity. In this blog article, we will see how to install and use Hamster on Mac and Windows OS.

Hamster - Launch JMeter Recent Test Plans Swiftly. Hamster - named by my daughter

Why Hamster?

  • No more digging through folders or endless searches. With Hamster, launching your recent JMeter test plans is swift and seamless. Boost your productivity by accessing your tests instantly, streamlining your workflow like never before.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned JMeter pro or just getting started, Hamster’s user-friendly interface makes your testing experience effortless. Say hello to smoother workflows and goodbye to unnecessary hassle!
  • Hamster is a lightweight app that’s easy to install and use. It’s also open-source, so you can customize it to your liking. What’s more, it’s free! So what are you waiting for?
  • Supports macOS (both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures) as well as Windows OS.

Features of Hamster

  • Supports configuration for JMETER_HOME
  • Launches JMeter standalone
  • Launches recent test plans
  • Lightweight
  • Free

Hamster on macOS

Hamster supports both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures. The only prerequisite is to have JMeter installed on your Mac.

To install Hamster, download the latest and appropriate dmg file based on your architecture from GitHub.

Download Hamster for macOS

Double-click on the dmg file. Move the Hamster app to the Applications folder.

Now launch Hamster from the Finder or from the Applications folder.

For the first time, it will prompt you with the below warning. Click OK to continue.

Launch System Preferences, go to Privacy & Security, and the click on Open Anyway button as shown below and follow the prompts.

Now, launch Hamster from the Applications folder. You can see Hamster in your Mac menu bar as shown below.

The initial step is to configure the JMETER_HOME. Go to Hamster > Edit JMETER_HOME to set it.

Now you can launch JMeter standalone or your recent test plans from the menu. Just play around with Hamster to get it familiarized, all the features are self-explanatory.

To uninstall Hamster, just delete the app from the Applications folder.

Hamster on Windows

Download the latest version of Hamster for Windows from the GitHub downloads page.

Download Hamster for Windows

Your browser may prompt the below warning. Allow the browser to keep the download.

Once the download is complete, you can also scan for any malware if you have second thoughts.

Double-click on the MSI file and follow the prompts to install Hamster.

Once the installation is successful, you can launch Hamster from the Start menu. Hamster will be available in your Windows status bar.

The initial step is to map the JMeter home folder using the Configure JMETER_HOME option. To launch JMeter standalone or recent test plans, right-click on Hamster once the JMeter home is set up.

To uninstall Hamster, go to the Control Panel to uninstall it.

Feedback and Issues

Please give Hamster a try in your daily work and provide feedback, and report any issues or defects on the GitHub repository.

Also, give me a star if you find this utility useful.


The essence of enhancing productivity through seamless experience in managing JMeter test plans has been captured in this blog article. Hamster acts like a facilitator, providing an expedient way to launch JMeter and recent test plans right from your desktop, alleviating the burden of fumbling through directories. This lightweight and free application, available for both macOS and Windows OS, performs the heavy-lifting, allowing you to focus more on testing and less on setup. Its support for both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures makes it even more versatile, catering to a broader user base.

With Hamster, you can not only save time but also elevate your testing workflow, thus turning the usually cumbersome process into a smooth, even enjoyable, routine. A step-by-step guide on installing and using both macOS and Windows versions of Hamster has also been provided for easy onboarding.

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