What’s new in Apache JMeter 5.6.1?

If you are looking for what’s new in Apache JMeter in 5.6, please check out my last post. In this blog post, we will see what’s new in Apache JMeter 5.6.1. Apache JMeter 5.6.1 is a minor release which fixes numerous regression bugs.

JMeter 5.6.1

There are no new features in JMeter 5.6.1, but with the following improvements.

HTTP Samplers and Test Script Recorder

  • PR#6010 – Use UTF-8 as a default encoding in HTTP sampler. It enables sending parameter names, and filenames with unicode characters
  • PR#6010 – Test Recorder will use UTF-8 encoding by default, so it will infer human-readable arguments rather than percent-encoded ones

Non-functional changes

  • PR#6000 – Add release-drafter for populating GitHub releases info based on the merged PRs
  • PR#5989 – Use Gradle toolchains for JDK provisioning, enable building and testing with different JDKs, start testing with Java 21
  • PR#5991 – Update jackson-core, jackson-databind, jackson-annotations to 2.15.2 (from 2.15.1)
  • PR#5993 – Update ph-commons to 10.2.5 (from 10.2.4)
  • PR#6017 – Update kotlin-stdlib to 1.8.22 (from 1.8.21)
  • PR#6020 – Update error_prone_annotations to 2.20.0 (from 2.19.1)
  • PR#6023 – Update checker-qual to 3.35.0 (from 3.34.0)

Other Samplers

  • PR#6028, Change default value for sampleresult.default.encoding to UTF-8 (it inherits default HTTP encoding which was modified in PR#6010)

Bug fixes have been implemented in the thread groups and Java request sampler.

Did you know that starting from JMeter 5.6 you can edit certain checkboxes to add your custom expression? You can check out my last post.

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