Apache Released JMeter 2.12

Apache JMeter Logo

Recently Apache has released a newer version of JMeter 2.12 which includes noteworthy features and enhancements. Download JMeter 2.12 Following are the new features of JMeter 2.12. JMeter now supports Java 8 completely. New elements have been added in this… Continue Reading


How to correlate dynamic boundaries in LoadRunner?

Every performance testers must know about how to correlate, no matter which tool they are using. Correlation is nothing but capturing the dynamic data (response) from the server and send the captured response to the subsequent requests. To capture the… Continue Reading


What is Virtual User Days (VUDs)?

HP LoadRunner License Utility What is Virtual User Days (VUDs)?

In this blog post, we are going to understand about HP LoadRunner licensing mechanism. There are different types of licensing types: Time limited, Permanent, and Virtual User Days. To inject the load in AUT, you need a valid license installed… Continue Reading