Why software fails?

3 basic needs are: Food, Water and Shelter. But in today’s world the word Software also joined the list two decades ago. Software is everywhere like air. We are interacting with software in day-to-day life. Software is a piece of code that accomplishes the intended task. If it fails to perform intended task, then it’s a failure. In software development/testing term we call it as bug or defect.

IEEE listed out the software development cost but which fails later and causes huge loss to the company.


Click on the image to view. Image courtesy: IEEE

Below are the causes of why software fails:

  • Improper software requirements specifications
  • Frequently changing requirements
  • Incorrect design implementation
  • Lack in security measures
  • Failed to identify defects in earlier stage
  • Poor management, communication and reporting
  • Incorrect assumptions
  • Inaccurate estimations of resources and schedule
  • Selecting inappropriate technology
  • Fail to predict risks
  • Inappropriate selection of software development models

If I missed out anything, please do add in the comments section.

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