Software Testing Myths

It’s been long while thinking about what are the software testing myths. Based on my six plus years of experience in software testing arena, I’ve consolidated the software testing myths and misconceptions. Please note this is not ranked in any order :)

1. Testing is easy and boring
Apart from testers, everybody will argue that testing is easy. Even tenth standard student or anyone can test the piece of code. But it is not true.

Specialized skill sets, insight, creativity and thorough knowledge of the system and the technology are required to test the software. This can be achieved only by training and experience. Testing provides challenging arena to showcase your skills and to learn.

Michael Bolton once said “Testing is a process of exploration, discovery, investigation, and learning.” It is in testers hand whether to make it challenging or boring.”

2. Testers’ intention is finding defects

Many techies think that testers only find defects in the system. They don’t care about anything. But it not, testers gets involve in Static testing as well. They review architecture documents, requirements document, help documents etc to help developers and business analysts. Earlier the defect identification, lesser the cost of fixing defects.

3. 100% Test Coverage yields Quality software

Among testers or developers this is most common misconception or myth that if 100% test coverage attained, then there will be quality software. Testing is never ending cycle, so it is not possible to deliver 100% defect free product by anyone, only 99.9% are possible.

4. More you test, more the bugs

Testers might think if we test more and rigorously  they can identify more bugs in the system. In software testing project, when the time passes, at one point, Defect Injection Ratio gets decreases gradually. Because most of the defects would have uncovered by testers.

5. Test Automation is just enough

Test Automation expedites the process of testing by using tools. But it will not be able to replace all manual testers. Test Automation scope is regression and functional testing, not in all the areas of software testing. Few test items can only be achievable by tool, and few test items can only be achievable by human.

6. Is Tester’s enemy developer?

Definitely not, delivering quality product to end users is a team work. People think that testers and developers are like Tom and Jerry :). Testers and developers, get along together in many cases, in my experience.

Happy Testing!

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