Learn Software Testing from the Pen

I hope my last post on Learn Software Testing from business cards explains about importance of requirements elicitation and analysis. In this blog, we will see how to learn software testing from the pen (writing instrument).

In the last post, I promised that I will explain about my manager’s requirement to test business card. Below are his requirements:

  1. Logo should be at the right top
  2. Fields like company name, tagline, his/her name, designation etc should be just beneath the logo.
  3. Text should be right aligned
  4. Font should look professional. Font color should be in navy blue.
  5. Back side should be blank
  6. Card should be in x,y dimension. Thickness should be in `n` mm.
  7. … and so on …

Above requirements should be carefully analyzed and tested. Now we will see how to learn software testing from the objects which you use daily. E.g. pen, pencil, mobile, ATM card, computer mouse, hair clip, etc.

In this post, we will see how to learn software testing from the pen. Assume that you are planning to buy a pen (of course, your favorite brand) in the nearby stationery shop. First thing what you do is: you will write your name or scribble. Actually, you are not writing your name or scribbling; you are testing the pen.

Learn Software Testing from the Pen
Learn Software Testing from the Pen

You are testing the various aspects of the pen such as:

  1. Is pen writing properly?
  2. Are you feeling comfortable in holding and writing?
  3. Is ink flowing properly? (hassle-free writing)
  4. Is pen durable and reliable? (quality)
  5. Pen’s internal and external structure
  6. Pen’s cap
  7. Ink/Pen color
  8. Pen’s dimension, and weight
  9. Price
  10. Pen’s accessories
  11. Pen’s availability (stock/quantity)
  12. Any discounts or offers?
  13. … and so on …

I have listed out 10+ checklists to buy a pen, think about enterprise application. Don’t we have thousands of test scenarios to validate the aspects of the product? Of course, it should have.

Not only pen, if you are going to buy medicines, firstly, you will check for the right product or not, and then the manufacturing and expiry date, price, quantity, and so on.

In next post, we will see how to learn different types of testing by having pen as an application under test.

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