What’s new in StormRunner 2.5?

What’s new in StormRunner 2.5? I hope you would have read my previous article about What’s new in StormRunner 2.4. Recently StormRunner got an update. In this article, we will see what’s new in StormRunner 2.5.

What is StormRunner?

StormRunner is nothing but LoadRunner on cloud. If you do not have an infrastructure to install and execute LoadRunner tests, then StormRunner is an excellent choice. Also, the pricing of StormRunner is affordable than the traditional LoadRunner pricing.

What's new in StormRunner 2.5?
What’s new in StormRunner 2.5?

What’s new in StormRunner 2.5?

The major update in this version is improved scalability. Now it is possible to run the test up to 2 million Vusers. In this version, it is possible to run the test with the hybrid configuration. E.g. in a single test, you can configure load generators from the cloud, private cloud, and on-premise load generators.

Also, it is possible to execute the load test with multiple schedules. E.g. you can set multiple date and time in the load test.

In the test results, now you can see how many Vusers terminated. Also, clock time column has been added in the test results.

Quick Recap

In StormRunner 2.5, it is possible to:

  • Execute tests up to 2 million Vusers
  • Execute tests in hybrid configuration
  • Execute tests using multiple schedules
  • view the test results with clock time and how many Vusers terminated


For more details, please check below video.

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StormRunner 2.5

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