What’s new in StormRunner 2.4?

What’s new in StormRunner 2.4? Couple weeks ago StormRunner got an important update. The latest version of StormRunner is 2.4. The code name of StormRunner 2.4 is yet to find. If you know, please share it in the comments. In this blog article, we shall see what’s new in StormRunner 2.4.

What is StormRunner?

StormRunner is nothing but LoadRunner on the cloud. If you do not have an infrastructure to install and execute LoadRunner tests, then StormRunner is an excellent choice. Also, the pricing of StormRunner is affordable than the traditional LoadRunner pricing.

What's new in StormRunner 2.4?
What’s new in StormRunner 2.4?

What’s new in the prior release?

Below table has all the version details and its code name.

Code name

Release number

Need for Speed 2.3

Monkey Island 2.2

Lemmings 2.1

Karateka 2.0

Jumpman 1.95

Ice Climbers 1.9

Hang On 1.8

Golden Axe 1.7

Frogger 1.6

Elevator Action 1.5

Digger 1.4

Commander Keen 1.3

Bubble Bobble 1.2

What’s new in StormRunner 2.4?

There are three major updates in StormRunner 2.4: Private Cloud, Selenium (yes, you read it right), and Regions.

The earlier version of StormRunner has private cloud in beta. But now the private is no longer in beta. You can set up concurrent execution, automatic Vusers, and load generator distribution. If you have a private cloud in place, you can install on-premise load generators to execute tests. You can install private cloud agent in Windows and Linux. But the limitation is, you can use only below script types:

The following script types are supported:

  • TruAPI
  • SAP Web
  • Gatling
  • JMeter

Also, if you have a private Amazon Web Services cloud account, you can run load tests on AWS by leveraging StormRunner.

Selenium Support

If you have Selenium scripts, you can run load tests using Selenium scripts. But there are limitations as listed below:

  • You need to use Selenium 3.2.0
  • Supported browsers are Firefox 52 and Chrome 56.
  • It is possible to run Selenium tests only on cloud-based load generators, but not on the private cloud.


In StormRunner 2.4, London region is supported. Canada Central region is in beta.

Your turn: Have you tried StormRunner 2.4? Please share me your experience in the comments section.

Do you know?

HPE is now offering 100K Vusers for free to run your 1-hour test. Please visit this link to conduct your performance tests. http://go.saas.hpe.com/stormrunner-load/burst-test?ref=QAInsights

What's new in StormRunner 2.4?

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