What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2

Surprisingly, Micro Focus has released its next iteration of LoadRunner updates which is Service Pack 2. Couple months ago, we have seen what’s new in service pack 1. This blog post will overview about LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2 where we are going to focus on LoadRunner Professional, particularly about VuGen, DevWeb, OneLG, and TruClient.

How to download LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2?

Like service pack 1, you need to have a valid support contract to download the whole package which includes VuGen, Controller, Analysis, and other components. But you can download the community edition of VuGen, TruClient and LoadRunner Developer from Micro Focus Marketplace.

Download TruClient 2020 Service Pack 2

Download VuGen 2020 Service Pack 2

Download LoadRunner Developer 2020 Service Pack 2 (Standalone DevWeb)

What's new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2
What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2

What’s new in VuGen 2020 Service Pack 2?

Let us divide this section based on protocols and other components.


DevWeb now supports the following:

  • syntax validation while editing the script
  • client-side certificates for replay
  • NTLM authentication during recording and replay
  • PAC support in the Proxy Recorder
  • Run Logic
  • Rendezvous Point
  • HTTP/2, Think Time, Bypass proxy
  • Enhanced recording options
Validate Syntax
Validate Syntax
Run Logic in DevWeb
Run Logic in DevWeb
DevWeb Replay Settings
DevWeb Replay Settings
DevWeb Recording Settings
DevWeb Recording Settings
Think Time in DevWeb
Think Time in DevWeb


Chromium and TruClient browsers have been updated to 80 and Mozilla 71 respectively.

Mask authentication in Browser Authenticate Dialog Step.

Masking Password in TruClient
Masking Password in TruClient

Controller and Analysis


OneLG is a new component introduced in this service pack 2. It is a combined load generator installer for all the LoadRunner family products such as LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise, and LoadRunner Cloud.

Assume that you have installed LoadRunner Professional in your laptop. After installing the load generator, it will run as magentproc.exe process. If you want to use this load generator for LoadRunner Enterprise, you need to switch it from process to service.

Your installation LRP LRE LRC
LRP . Switch to service Configure LRC Agent
LRE . . Configure LRC Agent
LRC . . .

. -> no need to do anything.

If you are using LoadRunner Cloud, you are good, no need to do anything. You can run them anywhere. But if you are using LRP or LRE, you need to switch it appropriately.

Gatling Support

Like JMeter, now you can run Gatling tests from Controller. It is a tech preview feature.

Dynatrace SaaS Monitor

Now you can pull Dynatrace metrics in Controller by setting up an API key. This feature comes with a limitation of 50 requests per minute.

Other features are Load Generator of Docker in RHEL, SLA for pass/fail ratio, LRP now includes OpenSSL 1.1.1g, libcurl and export to InfluXDB.

As you know local help has been deprecated, now service pack 2 got the fresh look for the online help. If you prefer to download the help, pay a visit here.

LoadRunner 2020 Help
LoadRunner 2020 Help


Do you like the new features of LoadRunner and its family? When you are going to upgrade it to Service Pack 2? Please share me your thoughts in the comments section.

What's new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 Service Pack 2

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