Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1

I believe you already aware of recent changes in Micro Focus products. It has been couple months since LoadRunner Professional 2020 has announced. Couple days ago, Micro Focus has released its first service pack of LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise. In this blog post, we will see what’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1
Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1

This service pack release is more focused on DevWeb protocol. I do not see any noticeable improvements in Virtual User Generator software. But there are updates and enhancements on the protocol front.

DevWeb in VuGen

As you know, DevWeb is a brand new protocol offering from Micro Focus. In this service pack release, following features are the highlights.

  • Replay Summary Pane
  • New CookieExtractor
  • Extended WebSocket support
  • Dynatrace AppMon Monitoring support
  • Kerboros Authentication in replay
  • write and isExists to File operations
  • Other improvements and security fixes
Dynatrace AppMon Monitoring in DevWeb
Dynatrace AppMon Monitoring in DevWeb


Asynchronous JavaScript APIs support

Port forwarding in VTS

Truclient Native Mobile now supports UFT Mobile server integration using Oauth2

Web Services

Automatic upgrade of web services scripts generated by Axis/.NET toolkits to WCF

Security handlers for scripts by WCF will no longer depend on WSE.

Citrix ICA

Supports record and replay with the Citrix Workspace client

LoadRunner Enterprise Integration

This service pack supports upload and download from VuGen to LoadRunner Enterprise. Also you can open and edit LoadRunner Enterprise scripts.


VTS now handles more concurrent Vusers.

How to download LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1?

Head to this link https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/loadrunner-professional/download to download LoadRunner Professional 2020 package.

But the service pack is available via Micro Focus Marketplace.

Go to https://marketplace.microfocus.com/appdelivery/content/virtual-user-generator-vugen

You need to create an account which is free. Scroll down to Releases section and then click on GET IT button as shown below.

Download VuGen 2020.1.0
Download VuGen 2020.1.0

Hit Save File (in Firefox). EXE file is 1.1 GB.

Save File
Save File

After downloading it, you need to extract it.

But the default extraction process has failed in my Windows 10 Home. Below is my system specification.

System Specification
System Specification

I was getting below error “There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package”. But I was having more than 100 GB in my SSD.

Extraction Error
Extraction Error

I was able to fix this issue using 7z software. VuGen exe file extraction using 7z solves my above issue.

Have you upgraded to the latest version? Please let me know in the comments.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1

10 thoughts on “Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1”

  1. Hi NaveenKumar,

    I just installed the Vugen patch and it seems that there are some conflicts with my current LoadRunner Community edition bundle tool. I don’t think we can have the Vugen at the latest version( including this patch) and the rest of the LR tools ( Controller+ Analysis) to be at 2020 version.

    I had to uninstall/install again my LoadRunner Community edition in order to work again.

    • Hi Marius, To upgrade it to Service Pack 1 for all the components, you need to have the valid support contract with Micro Focus. Community Bundle only support 2020 version. Only the VuGen Stand alone has Service Pack 1.

  2. where did you download the sp1 for the controller? have a lr prof full edition, cant find the patch in support page :)

  3. HI,
    I have updated VU gen int 2020 sp1 but now I am unable to run my new script in the controller.
    Kindly suggest a solution for this

    Error -205177: Script version (2020.1.0.344) is newer than TruClient version (2020.0.0.746).

    • Hi Pratham,

      You need to have the Service Pack 1 in the controller also. To get the latest version, you need to have valid support contract with Micro Focus. Community edition has only the VuGen, not Controller and Analysis. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    Did you observed issue with parameters when selected sequentially each iteration, some values getting null…not starting from 1st value in list instead giving null.


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