What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.63?

Couple weeks ago, Micro Focus has released its newer version of LoadRunner with loads of enhancements, features, and bug fixes. Let us see what’s eye catchy in this newer of LoadRunner 12.63. You can also check it out my earlier post about LoadRunner 12.62.

What’s new in VuGen 12.63?

What's new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.63?
What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.63?

The important feature of VuGen 12.63 is TruWeb enhancements. If you have not checked my Udemy Course on TruWeb, please check it out. You will be able to buy my course with discounts (Limited time only). Here is the link to check out https://www.udemy.com/performance-testing-using-truweb/?couponCode=YOUTUBE

What’s in the box for TruWeb?

  1. Dedicated runtime settings for TruWeb protocol
  2. Snapshot viewer
  3. Conditional breakpoints

Here is the peek of TruWeb Snapshot Viewer.

TruWeb Snapshot Viewer in LoadRunner 12.63
TruWeb Snapshot Viewer in LoadRunner 12.63

Other features of VuGen 12.63

  1. Script wizard for MQTT protocol
  2. Select random index when correlating (just like in JMeter when you enter -1 in the Regular Expression Extractor)
  3. Better CPU utilization when using gzip functionality
  4. TruClient has VTS API function
  5. Better memory utilization of TruClient browser in load mode

What’s new in Controller and Analysis 12.63?

  1. Better load time of Controller application
  2. Much faster while processing results in Analysis
  3. Ability to handle larger set of results in Analysis

Apart from the above features, there are lot of bug fixes, enhancements, technology specific support have been added. Please check it out and upgrade :) Happy performance testing!

What's new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.63?

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