What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.62?

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A couple of weeks ago, Micro Focus has announced its newer version LoadRunner and Performance Center which is 12.62. In this blog post, we are going to see what’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.62.

What’s new in VuGen 12.62?

In VuGen 12.62, following features have been added:

  • New runtime settings for HTTP/2. To enable/disable, go to Runtime Settings > Preferences > Enable HTTP/2 features (in Web protocol).
Runtime Settings HTTP/2
Runtime Settings HTTP/2 |
What’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.62.
  • You can obtain certificate thumbprint from the certificate’s details using web_set_certificate_ex()
  • Oracle NCA protocol has a new runtime setting which will allow connecting one or more multiple addresses.
  • PCoIP protocol has enhanced desktop pool support to sync on bitmap timeout per step.

What’s new in TruClient 12.62?

  • Great feature for TruClient lovers: TruClient 12.62 now auto recovers the last saved/loaded scripts in case of unexpected things happened in your system. If you are working in Internet Explorer, more likely you’ll face this issue.
  • Convert to Code now has options to convert. Entire script, Single Action, you name it.
  • TruClient now supports Chromium 68.
Chromium 68
  • The TruClient Native Mobile protocol now supports multiple Mobile Center workspaces.

In next blog post, we will see what’s new in TruWeb. To learn TruWeb, please check it out my course, and use coupon code YOUTUBE for a discount.

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