QTP Code

How to normalize strings in HP QTP (UFT)?

In this blog post, we will see how to normalize strings in HP QTP (UFT). Below code receives string and then convert it to equivalent string in a regular expression format. Below snippet uses Replace function. Msgbox NormalizeStringFunc (“Q+A*I.n?sight\s”) Function NormalizeStringFunc(MyStr) Dim TempStr TempStr = Replace(MyStr, “\”, “\\”) TempStr = […]

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Web Service Testing using HP UFT (QTP)

This presentation explains about how to perform web service testing using HP UFT (QTP). Web Service Testing using HP UFT (QTP) enables testers to test services quickly and effectively. Web service testing using QTP (UFT) from NaveenKumar Namachivayam Thanks for visiting QAInsights! Check out our new portal to get updates on […]

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Using Message Box That Close Automatically in HP UFT (QTP)

In this blog post, I would like to how to display message box that close automatically in HP UFT (QTP). The function below shows a message box that disappears after the specified timeout (in seconds). The script execution then continues. Call AutoMsgBox(“Message Box that closes after 5 seconds – Demo”,”Message […]

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Descriptive Programming Sample Codes

In this blog post, we will see some useful Descriptive Programming Sample Codes which helps you to achieve some basic operations. Below code retrieves number of web buttons in QAInsights window: Set Desc = Description.Create() Desc(“micclass”).Value = “WebButton” Set Buttons = Browser(“QAInsights”).Page(“QAInsights”).ChildObjects(Desc) MsgBox “Number of Buttons: ” & Buttons.Count Below […]

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