Descriptive Programming in HP QTP

In this blog, we will see about Descriptive Programming in HP QTP and some sample codes which helps you to learn and practice.

What is Descriptive Programming?

By default, QTP recognizes everything as an object. Each object’s properties, methods, and values get stored in repository called Object Repository. During run-time, QTP try to matches properties and values that are stored in OR with the run-time objects. If it matches, then the QTP performs specified action in the script. If not, QTP throws Object not found error or some appropriate error messages.

Descriptive Programming is one of the approaches that are widely followed in the projects which help automation engineers to define the property and values on their own to identify the objects during execution.

To define an object using Descriptive Programming approach, use below syntax:

Set myObj = Description.Create()

To define the object properties and values, use below syntax:

Objectname(“property_type”).value = “property_value”
myObj ("Name").Value = "userName"

myObj ("Index").Value = "0"

Next step is to define the action. Action can be defined using respective methods for the defined objects.

Browser(“QAInsights”).Page(“QAInsights”).WebEdit(myObj).Set “QAInsights”

Above syntax enters the text “QAInsights” in username field. The same can be achieved using value pairs i.e. propertyname:=propertyvalue.

i.e. classname(“propertytype:=propertyvalue”)


Browser(“title:=QAInsights”).Page(“name:=QAInsights”).WebEdit(“name:=userName”,”index:=0”).Set “QAInsights”

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