How to launch QTP using VB Script?

We will see how to launch QTP using simple VB Script snippet. First we need to declare an object using below syntax:

Dim qtpApp as QuickTest.Application
Set qtpApp=new QuickTest.Application
Set qtpApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
  • To check whether QTP is already open, use Application.Launched or Application.GetStatus
  • To return all the addins collection object, use Application.Addins
  • To retrieve associated add-ins (Application.GetAssociatedAddinsForTest)
  • To set the add-ins you want to load when QuickTest starts (Application.SetActiveAddins)
  • To instruct QuickTest whether to open in visible or minimized mode (Application.Visible)
  • To specify which view (Keyword or Expert View) to display when QuickTest opens, if opening QuickTest in Visible mode (Application.ActivateView)
  • To instruct QuickTest to start and open a new, blank test or component (Application.New or Application.NewBusinessComponent)
  • To instruct QuickTest to start and open a specified, existing test or component (Application.Open or Application.OpenBusinessComponent)
  • To quit QTP application, use qtpApp.Quit and Set qtpApp = nothing
‘Below example configures QuickTest views and panes '************************************************************************************************************************
Dim qtpApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable
Set qtpApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
qtpApp.Launch ' Start QuickTest
qtpApp.ActivateView "ExpertView" ' Display the Expert View
qtpApp.ShowPaneScreen "ActiveScreen", True ' Display the Active Screen pane
qtpApp.ShowPaneScreen "DataTable", False ' Hide the Data Table pane
qtpApp.ShowPaneScreen "DebugViewer", True ' Display the Debug Viewer pane
qtpApp.WindowState = "Maximized" ' Maximize the QuickTest window
qtpApp.Visible = True ' Make the QuickTest window visible

Set qtpApp = Nothing ' Release the Application object

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2 thoughts on “How to launch QTP using VB Script?”

  1. This code not working for me, I am using UFT 14. its showing error in line 3.
    I tried replacing the Quicktest with UFT. still getting issue.
    I have set the Environment variable for UFT.


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