Why do you need to upgrade to LoadUI 2.5?

SmartBear is revamped the user interface of LoadUI from JavaFX 1 to Java FX 2. The reason behind the revamp is newer version is fast and smaller memory footprint, etc.

Also, another reason is after March 30, 2013, older versions of LoadUI 2.5 will not install in your system. Because to install older versions, you need to install files from Oracle. Oracle has stooped to provide files at the end of March 2013.

This change affects LoadUI 2.1.2 users as well. Depends on your computer local Java cache, our older version of LoadUI will stop working.

Please upgrade to LoadUI 2.5. Release has been scheduled on Mar 27, 2013. Linux users have to wait for few more weeks. You can check my last post on LoadUI beta

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