What’s New with LoadUIWeb 2.90?

On Oct 1, 2013, SmartBear announced its latest version of LoadUIWeb 2.90. In this blog post, we will see about What’s New with LoadUIWeb 2.90.

What is LoadUIWeb?

LoadUIWeb is a free desktop load/stress testing tool from SmartBear. LoadUIWeb 2.90 simplifies the process to configure the hosts in the tool, which save huge time and effort. Hosts Table helps engineers to turn off/on the hosts whenever it is necessary.

LoadUIWeb 2.90 Features:

  • Testing Any Web App
  • RIA Load Testing
  • Automated Recording
  • Automatic Data Correlation
  • Simulating Parallel Requests
  • Configurable Think Time
  • Flexible Workload Policy
  • Continuous Load
  • Configurable Response Validations
  • Configurable Quality of Service Checks
  • Request Parameterization
  • Built-In Data Generators
  • Run-Time Charts
  • Insightful Load Test Reports
  • Massive Load Simulation

LoadUIWeb 2.90 Pro Features

  • Distributed Load Tests
  • Cloud Load Testing
  • Real-Time Cooperation
  • Tons of Supported Server Counters
  • Windows, Unix and Apache Servers
  • Monitoring SQL Servers
  • Monitoring ASP.NET Apps
  • Client-Side Counters
  • Use External Datasources
  • Special Parameterization Wizard
  • Exporting Reports
  • Technical Support
  • Complex Scenarios
  • Source Control Integration
  • Floating User Licenses
  • Easy Host Modification & Filtering
  • Custom Reports

[stextbox id=”download”]Download LoadUIWeb 2.90[/stextbox]

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