What’s new in LoadRunner 12.60?

I have already posted several videos about LoadRunner 12.60 at my QAInsights YouTube channel. Please subscribe to get immediate updates. In this blog post, we will refresh what’s new in LoadRunner 12.60.

Downloading and Installing LoadRunner 12.60

You can download the latest version of LoadRunner 12.60 using this link https://software.microfocus.com/en-us/products/loadrunner-load-testing/download 

Initially there were few hiccups in downloading, after I informed the Micro Focus team, issues got resolved 🙂

Welcoming LoadRunner 12.60

What’s new in LoadRunner 12.60?

Below video explains all the new features in VuGen, Controller and Analysis. 

Activating LoadRunner License

In this newer version, you need to follow a new process to activate free community license. Below video explains the process. 

Did you know?

Network Virtualization is free 🙂

Read complete documentation to know what is free and what-not.

Automate Controller

Starting from LoadRunner 12.60, you can automate Controllers using CLI tool. It is very simple and straightforward; also you can fix that in your enterprise CI/CD pipeline. 

How to use Command Line Interface tool in Controller?

LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter

Now you can view your results in JSON format and also export it to InfluxDB and visualize with the help of Chronograf.

LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter – to_influx

LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter – to_influx

Install InfluxDB and Chronograf https://portal.influxdata.com/downloads Grafana (Optional) https://grafana.com/grafana/download

Jetbrains TeamCity Integration

Tired of Jenkins tutorials? Learn TeamCity – much more powerful than Jenkins. Below video explains about automating LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter in TeamCity.

Integrate LoadRunner Raw Results with Team City

Save as Image in Analysis

This is not a great update, but now you can save your charts/graphs in Analysis as an Image format and increase your hard disk memory 🙂 Yes, for each image, it occupies 2 MB.

Save as Image in Analysis 12.60 – JPEG or PNG

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