What is PerfTractor?

What is PerfTractor? I am excited to share my new web application called PerfTractor. PerfTractor is a simple single page application which provides the performance testing tools’ pricing. I hope this application will help performance engineers, testers, managers in planning and investing the performance testing tools and solutions. Now we shall see more details about PerfTractor.

About Protractor

Since childhood, I am fond of my geometry box. I still have it in the safe. When I was searching for a unique name, I posted a status on my Facebook page. Many of friends and acquaintances suggested more than 15 names. All the names suggested by them were good; but due to its domain unavailability and premium name, I couldn’t select any names. Later I did a fusion of performance and protractor = PerfTractor.

Here is how protractor looks:


Source: Wikipedia

A protractor is a measuring instrument, typically made of transparent plastic or glass, for measuring angles. Most protractors measure angles in degrees (°). Radian-scale protractors measure angles in radians. Most protractors are divided into 180 equal parts.

As I merged the two words: performance and protractor, I embedded the minimal design of protractor in the logo as well.

Here is the logo of PerfTractor:

PerfTractor Logo
What is PerfTractor?

Why PerfTractor?

There are websites which will list software testing tools, test automation tools, performance testing tools, security testing tools etc. But no website lists the performance testing tools on our critical requirements like a number of virtual users, open-source or premium, and protocols.

PerfTractor 1.0 (yes that’s right, v2.0 development is in progress) will list more than 30 performance testing tools and it’s pricing in two steps: Drag and Select.

Tech Stack and Response Time of PerfTractor

PerfTractor is a Single Page Application built on W3 CSS and jQuery. There is no communication to the server; once it is loaded completely, you are all set. The response time of PerfTractor is between 2 – 2.5 seconds. PageSpeed and YSlow score are better than the average score.

Product Hunt

I have added PerfTractor in Product Hunt. Please visit below link and upvote if you like the app.

I request you to check PerfTractor and share your comments. If you have any suggestions and improvements, please submit it to the website. If you like my work and interested in investing in my future ideas and development, please donate to my PayPal :-). It will help me to maintain the domain name and hosting expenses.

Looking forward to seeing your comments and suggestions.

Your turn: PerfTractor 2.0 is under development, which features you are anticipating the most.

What is PerfTractor?

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