Tools to measure Web servers performance

In this blog post, we will see about the tools which are useful to measure web servers performance. There are many tools available in the market to measure the web servers performance. But below tools are notable and flexible to use.

1. Httperf

Httperf is a tool to measure web server performance. It is flexible to generate various HTTP workloads to measure performance of the web servers. It has a robust framework which facilitates micro and macro level benchmarks. It supports HTTP/1.1 and SSL protocols.

Important resources:

  • D. Mosberger and T. Jin. httperf: A Tool for Measuring Web Server Performance. Performance Evaluation Review, Volume 26, Number 3, December 1998, 31-37. (Originally appeared in Proceedings of the 1998 Internet Server Performance Workshop, June 1998, 59-67.) (HTML, PDF,PostScript.)
  • Ted Bullock’s httperf page
  • Download Httperf

  • Join Httperf Mailing List

2. Siege

Siege is a http load testing and benchmark tool  from Joe Dog Software. It helps to load test the server and study the behavior of the servers under various loads. It supports basic authentication, cookies, HTTP/HTTPS protocols. It was written on GNU/LINUX. It is not for Windows OS, because Siege features will not support Windows. However, Siege can be used to test Windows HTTP Server using cygwin.

Apart from above tools, Autobench tool helps to automate the process of benchmarking web servers. It is a PERL script wrapper around Httperf. Autobench delivers the result in CSV or TSV format.

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