Tool to check GZIP compression in Performance Testing

Did you know? Google ranks higher if your websites’ response time is fast. There are many parameters influences your websites’ performance and its response time. One of the important parameter is gzip compression.

What is gzip compression?

gzip compression enables server to compress the requests which improves your websites’ performance. Below is the pictorial representation of with gzip and without gzip compression.

Without gzip
Without gzip

Figure 1-1 Without gzip

With gzip
With gzip

Figure 1-2 with gzip compression

Recently I come across one simple and effective tool to check gzip compression when doing performance testing called

gzipwtf is a simple and easy tool to check for gzip and more. You can check several statistics such as HTTP compression, DNS Lookup time, Redirect Count, Total Time (s), Size, Speed, Timestamp etc.

You can view your result in the form of charts and sort able table format. Below are the steps to check for gzip compression.

  • Enter your URL and the CAPTCHA, then hit enter as shown below.
  • gzipwtf will process your request and provide the results instantly as shown below.

gzipwtf Results
gzipwtf Results

How it works?

Gzipwtf sends the URL that you enter and then it parses the HTML response to find all the resources. Once it finds all the resources, gzipwtf will proceed to request each resource concurrently. Gzipwtf works very fast, all of your resources will get completed within a second.

You can export your results to CSV format as well (paid plan).

How to enable gzip compression in HP LoadRunner?

  • Press F4 key in HP VuGen.
  • Click on Preferences > Options in Run-time Settings window. 
HP LoadRunner gzip settings
HP LoadRunner gzip settings
  • Select Accept server-side compression list box under HTTP as shown above to select the compression.
  • Click on OK.

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