Testing WordPress 3.6 Beta 1

QAInsights.com powered by WordPress. I was skeptical, when I planned to start this professional blog to groom myself and to serve testing community. I did research about which Content Management System. Finally I opted WordPress because it is powered by PHP and it is free. I installed earlier version of WordPress locally and I actually started testing WordPress.

Following scenarios I designed and tested:

  1. WordPress Installation and Uninstallation

  2. WordPress Roles (Admin/Author/Subscriber)

  3. Blog Post (New/Update/Delete)

  4. Themes (Installing/Uninstalling/Delete)

  5. Plugins(Installing/Uninstalling/Delete)

  6. Categories(Create/Edit/Delete)

  7. Comments(Add/Edit/Delete)

  8. SEO

  9. Logo,Header,Footer,Analytics Code

  10. SMTP, Widgets,Tags,Settings,Dashboard

And so on…


WordPress satisfied me in all aspects.I fell in love with WordPress and hosted my website. Whenever I get time, I start testing wordpress by installing in my localhost. Recently WordPress released its newer beta version WordPress 3.6 Beta 1.

Download WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 here

Please do not install in your production site. Install this WordPress Beta Tester plugin to test.

What’s new in 3.6?

  • Post Formats.

  • New theme Twenty Thirteen

  • Audio/Video embed

  • Autosave posts

  • Post Locking.

  • Nav Menus

  • Revisions

If you find any defect, please report it here. Please do not install this beta version in your production site.

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