Test Automation Metrics

Test Automation expedites the process of testing and it improves the efficiency, reliability and time to market. In this blog post we will see important Test Automation Metrics in align with Test Automation Life Cycle.

Just check this difference between Difference between Measurement and Metric before you read further.

1. Automation Feasibility Analysis

 I.         Feasibility analysis effort

                                                        II.            Feasibility document review effort

                                                       III.           Number of defects found

2. Test Strategy

                                                          I.            Test Strategy preparation effort

                                                        II.            Test Strategy review effort

                                                       III.           Test Strategy defects

                                                      IV.            Framework Design effort

                                                        V.            Framework Design rework

                                                      VI.            Framework defects

3. Environment Set up

                                                          I.            Environment set up effort

                                                        II.            Defects found in set up

4. Test Script Development

                                                          I.            Test Scripting effort

                                                        II.            Test Script rework effort

                                                       III.           Test Script defects count

                                                      IV.            Number of test scripts delivered

5. Test Script Execution

                                                          I.            Test Script Execution Effort

                                                        II.            Defect found during execution

6. Test Result Generation and Analysis

                                                          I.            Test Results Log effort

                                                        II.            Test result analysis effort

                                                       III.           Defects found in documentation

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