Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in HP LoadRunner

May 20, 2015 HP released a fix for the stack buffer overflow vulnerability in HP LoadRunner 11.52. A potential security issue has been identified in HP LoadRunner 11.52 where the hacker can use LoadRunner agent to connect LG machines and execute malicious files. Then, the hacker can use the LG to perform malicious operations.

Security Vulnerability in HP LoadRunner
Security Vulnerability in HP LoadRunner


  1. Go to
  2. Save the DLL file
  3. Replace the DLL file in the following places:
  5. %LOADRUNNER_INSTALL_DIRECTORY%\launch_service\bin
  6. Above DLLs should be copied in wherever LoadRunner is installed such as Controller, Load Generator and MI Listener.

This vulnerability has been fixed already in HP LoadRunner 12.00 and above.

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Security Vulnerability in HP LoadRunner

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