RedLine13 (Almost Free Load Testing Tool)

Is your client going to cut the testing infrastructure budget? Is there any one-time performance testing need with heavy load? Do you use open source tools for performance testing, but don’t have the bulk infrastructure to schedule and run the tests? If your response is yes, you can consider RedLine13 (Almost Free Load Testing Tool) for your needs. Please note the word almost in the parenthesis.


About RedLine13 (Almost Free Load Testing Tool)

RedLine13 provides free service which will help you to setup load testing and execute the tests in cloud using Amazon Web Services. All you need to do is:

  1. Signup at
  2. Setup Amazon AWS Account at
  3. Start a New Test. There are four types of tests you can create: Simple, Custom, Jmeter, and Gatling.
  • Simple Test allows you to test single URL
  • Custom Test allows create test in PHP or NodeJS
  • Jmeter Test allows you to test your Jmeter test plan
  • Gatling Test allows you to test your Gatling test plan

Configure the test by mentioning the number of servers, number of users, iterations, and delay. Also you can select the location of the load agents, size, subnet Ids etc. You can name each tests uniquely.

The console has clean and minimal UI with the menu bar at the top with the help button. It is easy to navigate; you can schedule the tests in couple of minutes.

RedLine UI
RedLine UI

Based on your test configuration at the bottom of the page, you can see how much you have to pay for the server. Please note that you need to pay to Amazon AWS, not to RedLine13.

Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

If you opting for paid plan which will help you to replay tests, server management, team management, collecting test results, percentile results, API access and more features are yet to come. There are four types of plans available: Single, Small, Medium, and Large Team. Paid features allows you to run load tests via API by simply including the HTTP header and your API key.

I have tested RedLine13 with simple test with 2 virtual users (1 iteration). Once the test is started, you can see below pop-up where you can cancel your test if you don’t want to continue.

Start Time
Start Time

After couple of tests, you can see the real time metrics in the form of charts as shown below.

CPU Metrics
CPU Metrics

Once the test is done, you can see the results immediately in the same page. You can download the results as CSV format. In the home page, you can see your list of test with success rate.

Load Test Result
Load Test Result


  • Easy to setup and schedule tests
  • Affordable and flexible pricing model
  • Detailed documentation
  • Active tech support


  • No recording feature available
  • Not sure about other protocol support
  • IP spoofing
  • Customization of results’ graphs/charts is not available

RedLine13 is a great tool for your immediate performance testing needs. It is worth to try; you will not disappoint with the output. Create your tests in Jmeter and load test with RedLine13 quickly and impress your clients.

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