OctoPerf Kraken 2.0 New Features

Few months ago I published an inception post about OctoPerf Kraken – a load testing IDE for Gatling tool. This blog post will feature about Kraken 2.0 new features and more.

I have been following OctoPerf Kraken repository in GitHub. The team behind Kraken is pretty much active in developing. Recently 2.0.0 beta got released with three new features:

  1. HAR Import
  2. Debug Simulation and Compare requests
  3. Distributed load testing using Kubernetes

I have already published two YouTube tutorials about the above features and tweeted about the same. Let us dive in to peek about two features HAR Import and Debug Simulation and Compare request in this post.

OctoPerf Kraken 2.0.0
Octoperf Kraken 2.0 New Features

OctoPerf Kraken 2.0 New Features

HAR Import

HAR comes handy to create scripts quicker. Fire up dev tool in the browser , sniff the network packets, save the requests as HAR file aka HTTP Archives.

You can use the HAR file to create scripts and enhance them for your load testing needs. Kraken 2.0.0 beta fulfills the need of creating Gatling scripts from the HAR file. You can watch below video about how to spin up Kraken locally.

In 2.0.0, you can upload the HAR file by right clicking on simulation tree and upload it. You need to provide the Simulation package, Simulation name, select the host and then click on Import.

You can record HAR file in your favorite browser or Charles proxy.

Debug Scripts

Debugging load test scripts helps you to fix the code. In LoadRunner, you can use Snapshot view by comparing recorded and replay snapshots, in JMeter you can use Debug Sampler. In Kraken 2.0.0, you can debug your simulation by running a debug simulation option. Debugging runs two docker containers, one is for simulation log file generation, and another one is for parsing the log file and creates debug entries.

You can also compare the debug results with your HAR file by Compare With menu item.

Check the below video which demonstrates above features.

In next blog post, we will see how to spin up AWS EKS and run Kraken for the distributed load testing.

This post also available at https://dev.to/qainsights/octoperf-kraken-2-0-new-features-382a.

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