Must have Apache JMeter Plugins

Must have Apache JMeter Plugins JMeter’s core functionality will not be sufficient for better performance and for the projects which are in long run. JMeter with JMeter Plugins helps and expedites the process of creating, scripting test plan and in test results analysis. In this blog article, we shall see must have Apache JMeter Plugins.

What is JMeter Plugins?

JMeter Plugins is an open source project located in Github, develops independent set of plugins for Apache JMeter. Currently there are 65 plugins from JMeter core team, JMeter-Plugins team and other vendors. To install JMeter Plugins, you need to install Plugins Manager. Before Plugins Manager, you need to download individual JARs and supporting files and manually place it in the lib or ext folder.

Must have Apache JMeter Plugins

Now, we shall see must have Apache JMeter Plugins. There is no particular order I am followed while writing this article. Below plugins have been selected based on its purpose and its usage. Also I have categorized each plugin into Test Design/Scripting, Debugging, and Test Results Analysis. Below is the snapshot of JMeter Plugins which are installed in my laptop.

Must have Apache JMeter Plugins
Must have Apache JMeter Plugins

I installed each plugin and experimented it with sample test plan. Based on my experience and needs, I have listed below plugins. If you feel that I missed any important plugins, please do share in the comment section.

Test Design/Scripting

  • Auto-Stop Listener
  • Console Status Logger
  • Custom JMeter Functions
  • Custom SOAP Sampler
  • Custom Thread Groups
  • Directory Listing Config
  • FTP Protocol Support
  • HTTP Protocol Support
  • HTTP Raw Request
  • HTTP Simple Table Server
  • Inter-Thread Communication
  • JDBC Support
  • JMS Send and Receive Sampler
  • JMS Support
  • JSON Plugins
  • JUnit Support
  • Java Components
  • LDAP Protocol Support
  • Mail/SMTP Support
  • MongoDB Support
  • OS Process Support
  • Parameterized Controller
  • Selenium/WebDriver Support
  • TCP Protocol Support
  • Throughput Shaping Timer
  • Variables from CSV File
  • Various Core Components
  • WS Security for SOAP
  • WebSocket Sampler by Maciej Zaleski
  • WebSocket Samplers by Peter Doornbosch
  • Weighted Switch Controller
  • XML Plugins


  • Console Status Logger
  • Dummy Sampler
  • Test Plan Check Tool

Test Results Analysis

  • 3 Basic Graphs
  • 5 Additional Graphs
  • Command-Line Graph Plotting Tool
  • Composite Timeline Graph
  • Distribution/Percentile Graphs
  • Filter Results Tool
  • Flexible File Writer
  • Graphs Generator Listener
  • Merge Results
  • KPI vs KPI Graphs
  • Page Data Extractor
  • PerfMon (Servers Performance Monitoring)
  • Rotating JTL Listener
  • Synthesis Report

Pro Tip #1

By default, JMeter Plugins will capture the usage data: which plugins installed, which version of JMeter being used etc. If you are not interested in sharing such anonymous information, you can disable it by adding below property in `` file.

Pro Tip #2

If you are in corporate network, and if you face any issues in installing JMeter plugins, you need to open JMeter behind proxy. Please check this article for more information.


Your turn: Please share your list of JMeter Plugins in the comments section.

Must have Apache JMeter Plugins

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  1. Hi Naveen,

    QQ, for RESTAPI testing we generally use csv files, from where we read the data, in some scenario i have observed that the files do get corrupted, in order to avoid that i was wondering , can Jmeter read the Excel format (.xlsx) file.
    I have multiple columns in the excel sheet which i want to read .
    Let me know.



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