December 7, 2012

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Slideshow Features

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 New Features Presenter View - QAInsights

I had installed Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 to explore new features and to beta test the software. PowerPoint 2013 has more new features such as Enhanced UI, Calligraphy Fonts and Styles, Revamped Design and Layout, Account Management, Enhanced presenter view and many more.

In this blog post we will see in detail about presenter view in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. An earlier version of PowerPoint’s slideshow just displays the slides in full screen for both the presenter and the audiences (in the screen) by default. Presenter should enable the presenter view by navigating to Slideshow > Use Presenter View checkbox under Monitors group. Many of us was not aware of such feature exists in PowerPoint.

But in newer version, Microsoft enables presenter view by default. Below is the snapshot of Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013. Sorry for the low quality image resolution.

 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 New Features Presenter View - QAInsights

Presenter can view all the slides by clicking grid view option. See below snapshot.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 New Features Grid View Slides - QAInsights

Zoom in

Presenter can zoom into the slide show by clicking on Zoom button. This helps audience to have a better view. See below snapshot.

 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 New Features Slideshow Zoom In - QAInsights

Also presenter view has Ink Color, new feature called Laser Pointer Pen Tool, Black/White Screen, Notes and all other default options. Presenter View has only black background. Microsoft would have provided an option to background color of presenter view.


Microsoft revamped PowerPoint with clean and elegant UI and much enhanced graphics for stupefying presentation experience. I request you to give a try Microsoft Office 2013 product. Definitely you’ll fall in love with it.

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