November 7, 2012

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Part Two

In last post we listed out five new Microsoft Excel 2013 features. In this blog post, we will 10 more new useful features of Microsoft Excel 2013.

  1. Conditional Formatting

New sets of Icons have been introduced in Conditional Formatting. More options have been added in Data bars. Conditional formatting allows user to refer values from other worksheets in active workbook.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Conditinal Formatting

  1. PowerPivot

PowerPivot add-in enables users to perform analysis on millions of records in MS Excel quickly. PowerPivot allows users to perform, create relationships, and create Pivot Tables/Charts. For more details visit PowerPivot

  1. Functions

MS Excel added more accurate functions using by across fields such as engineering, statistical et al. In Excel 2013, users should be able to insert functions from the web services as well.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Functions

  1. Search in Filters

Users can search for filters in interactive way in Filters. Users can sort by colors too.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Search Filters

  1. Themes

More themes and Styles have been added in MS Excel 2010 with live preview.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Themes

  1. Paste

Many options for Paste have been added such as No Borders, Keep Source Formatting, Picture, Linked Picture et al.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Paste

  1. Picture Editing Tools

Picture editing tool allows users to remove background, artistic effects, smart arts layouts, corrections etc.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Picture Editing Tools

  1. XLL Software Development Kit

Lots of improvement has been added for Developers. There are improvements in performance perspective for printing, charts have been done.

  1. Co-Authoring

Co-Authoring using Excel Web App, allows multiple users to work on single workbook concurrently. If you are working on your project sheet from home, at the same time, your colleagues also can work at office in same project sheet.

  1. Flash Fill

Flash Fill is an excellent feature in Excel 2013. It saves time and increases productivity and usability for people who are working with loads of data. Instead of using Text to Columns feature, just start typing, excel will finish your work instantly.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Features Flash Fill

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November 18, 2012 at 4:50 am

Nice post. Have you tried the co-authoring yet? It’s pretty cool.

I just did a write-up on all the new functions in, if you’re interested –


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