LoadUI 2.5.2 is released

SmartBear has announced its latest version of LoadUI 2.5.2 tool which helps test engineers to perform load testing using visual, drag and drop feature. LoadUI Pro has enterprise features such as executing tests from cloud, live agent analytic, server monitoring etc.

You can check my earlier posts on LoadUI Beta and LoadUI 2.5 release. Below are the bug fixes details:

Bug fixes:

* SoapUI Runner now discards responses quicker, which improves memory usage (LOADUI-601)
* Fixed crash when deploying a TableLog in compact mode to an agent (LOADUI-630)
* Geb Runners, and possibly other components, are now created much faster (LOADUI-570)
* Expanding charts by components/agents now shows the name of the component/agent (LOADUI-585)
* Fix for settings dialogs sometimes having multiple tabs selected (LOADUI-573)
* “Proxy port” in the Web Page Runner’s settings was invalid by default (LOADUI-578)
* Fixes to the distribution bottom panel (LOADUI-524)


* Cosmetics and styling.
* Max queue and max running can now be configured for the SoapUI Runner (LOADUI-546).
* Amazon AMI published for LoadUI agents (LOADUI-533)
* Removed the dialog when creating a scenario (LOADUI-593)
* Updated some documentation from 2.1.2 to 2.5 (LOADUI-140)

Check out LoadUI 2.5.2 Pro

Check out LoadUI 2.5.2 Open Source

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