January 26, 2014

What are JMeter Templates?

How to add JMeter Templates - List of Templates

You might have noticed in the latest version of Apache Jmeter, next to New icon, there is a Templates icon. Templates expedites the process of creating Test Plan based on your needs.

Suppose if you need to record, click on Templates icon and select Recording as shown below.

How to add JMeter Templates - List of Templates

How to add JMeter Templates – List of Templates

And then, click on Create button. Now you could see, relevant samplers and listeners would have added to your Test Plan as shown below.

How to add JMeter Templates - Test Plan

How to add JMeter Templates – Test Plan

This will save your time, instead of adding it manually one by one, just a few clicks to create a test plan. There are 10 default templates are available which are as follows:

  1. Recording
  2. JDBC Load Test
  3. BeanShell Sampler
  4. MongoDB Load Test
  5. Building a Web Test Plan
  6. Building an Advanced Web Test Plan
  7. Building a SOAP Web Service Test Plan
  8. Building an FTP Test Plan
  9. Building an LDAP Test Plan
  10. Building an extended LDAP Test Plan

JMeter Configuration

  • By default, JMeter Server Proxy port is set to 8888, you can change this.

Browser Configuration

Configure your browser so that it uses the JMeter proxy, set the:

  • host of the machine that runs JMeter
  • port you setup in JMeter Server Proxy

Below is the video on how to add Jmeter templates.

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