IPV6 Support in LoadRunner

IPv6 implementation is becoming trend and it is necessity to deploy IPv6 based sites. Your application should support IPv4 as well as IPv6. It is critical to validate the performance of your applications in IPv4/v6. In this article, you are going to learn about IPv6 support in VuGen, how to run your script in IPv6/v4.

Does IPv6 support available in LoadRunner?

Yes. You can record your application for IPv4 and IP version 6. But the code generated in LoadRunner is non-IP specific.

How to change IP configuration in LoadRunner?

By default, LoadRunner/VuGen runs the script in IPv4. To change the IP version, follow the below steps.

  1. Press F4
  2. Click on Preferences under Internet Protocol
  3. Go to General tab
  4. Click on IP version drop-down list box as shown below to change
IPv6 Support in LoadRunner
IPv6 Support in LoadRunner

IPv6 Architecture

Though LoadRunner executes IPv4/v6, the internal communication between Controller and Load Generators happens only in IPv4. For a successful record and reply in IPv4/v6, you need to install both VuGen and Load Generator on IPv6 enabled machines.


  • IPv6 support in LoadRunner comes with limitations
  • FTP is not supported
  • Web Breakdown is not supported
  • Kerberos is not supported
  • Spoofing and PAC file is also not supported
  • IPv6 Webtrace is not supported
  • In few instances, replay failures may occur when you switch between IPv4 and v4.

IPv6 Protocols

The following protocols support IPv6 testing:

  • AMF
  • Citrix Nfuse
  • DNS
  • Flex
  • FTP
  • IMAP
  • Java Over HTTP
  • Mobile HTTP
  • Mobile Ajax TruClient
  • Multi Winsock
  • NDM Webtrace
  • Oracle NCA
  • POP3
  • RDP
  • Silverlight
  • SMTP
  • Ajax TruClient
  • Click and Script family
  • Web (HTTP/HTML)
  • Web Services
IPv6 Support in LoadRunner

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