Internationalization Test Approach

Internationalization Test Approach Abstract: WWW (World Wide Web) is a platform for electronic-commerce, to share knowledge, social networking, online entrepreneurship and other information. A study reveals that English is the most preferred language for internet users (536.6 million), followed by Chinese (444.9 million), and Spanish (153.3 million). It is vital for business organization to develop and deploy websites across borders for the growth. Success of any product resides on its quality and conformance with requirements.

Quality Assurance plays an extremely important role in delivering a product and also contributes significantly on the time to market aspect. Thus, helping business organizations to achieve their objectives. To improve the quality of multilingual applications, proper testing practices and guidelines should be in place with the help of multi-linguistics experts. Manual Testing of multilingual websites (as well as any other kind of applications) is time and resource consuming, whereas Automation Testing is one of the arenas which saves time and effort, increases accuracy, efficiency and repeatability for effective testing. This can be achieved by robust test automation frameworks.

In this paper, we shall understand different approaches to automate multilingual websites, which would help us determine the model that best suits the business organization requirements and needs.

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