Interesting tools of HP QTP

In this post, I have listed out the interesting tools which comes along with HP QTP which saves test automation engineers’ effort and improve productivity. Following are the interesting tools of HP QTP which expedites the process of test automation.

  1. Password Encoder
  2. Action Conversion Tool
  3. Silent Test Runner
  4. License Validation Utility
  5. Register New Browser Control Utility
  6. Test Results Deletion Tool
  7. Remote Agent
  8. Test Batch Runner

All Tools available in following path Go to Quick Test Professional -> Tools.

1. Password Encoder

  • Enter your password in ‘Password’ field
  • Click on ‘Generate’ button
  • QTP recognizes password only in Encrypted form e.g.
  • Dialog(“Login”).WinEdit(“Password:”).SetSecure “48999257c0510669a15b4a3d06f55f42f0cf0eaa”

2.       Action Conversion Tool

  • It converts your existing actions to scripted components. A scripted component is a reusable script that performs a specific task in your application.
    • Green mark -> action was converted successfully
    • Red mark -> conversion failed
    • Stop mark ->action cannot be converted

3. Silent Test Runner

  • It runs without opening the Quick Test user interface, and the test runs at the same speed.
  • Results can be viewed using Test Run Log option.
  • Click on Run Test to run the script.

 4. License Validation Utility

  • It will display details on Licenses Information.
  • Enter your License Key in ‘License Key’ text field.
  • Click on ‘Validate’ button to get the details.

5. Register New Browser Control Utility

  • It registers your browser control application so that QTP recognizes your Web object when recording or running tests.
  • Enter the path of your new browser.
  • Click on ‘Register’ button

6. Test Results Deletion Tool

  • It will delete all the Test Results folder alone.
  • Enter the path of the folder in which Test Results has been stored. It will display all the results as shown in the fig.
  • Click on Delete button to delete.
  • If you want to delete from QC. Connect to QC and then use delete option

 7. Remote Agent

  • It determines how Quick Test behaves when a test is run by a remote application such as QC.

8. Test Batch Runner

  • If you want to run 5 scripts continuously it is not possible using QTP.
  • Go to Test Batch Runner, click on Batch->Add, add your 5 test scripts you want to run.
  • Click on File-> Save. Your list of scripts will save as Batch file.
  • Click on Batch-> Run to execute your batch file.
  • Test Batch Runner will execute each script successfully

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