HPE LoadRunner Patch 3 has been released

HPE has released its latest patch for LoadRunner 12.50 on Dec 29, 2015. Read on further to know more about this patch update. Patch ID is LR_03613 which is 19.43 MB file size. LoadRunner Patch 3 is for Windows 7-x64 2008R2-x64 8-x64 2012R2-x64. It is very critical patch update which has enhancements and fixes for the known problems.

LoadRunner Patch 3 Enhancements

This patch update has support for TruClient – Native Mobile protocol in HPE Mobile Center version 1.51. Following are the main enhancements done:

  • Cache emulation
  • Amazon Cloud provisioning fix
  • General fixes

You need to install the patch over LoadRunner 12.50 or 12.50 Patch 1.

HPE LoadRunner Patch 3 has been released
HPE LoadRunner Patch 3 has been released

Other fixes

Following are the other fixes done:

  • You will be able to run QTP script in Performance Center by using Terminal Services option.
  • I often get following message “Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination”. mdrv.exe process crashes” in Web Protocol. This has been fixed.
  • You can perform execution with NV in WININET mode and running Vuser as a thread option.
  • Now you can use EBCDIC on remote Load Generators
  • List box select operation in TruClient will work perfectly
  • If you had faced issues in installing certificates in LoadRunner 12.50 in Android devices, this patch has a fix.
  • Speed simulation in Runtime settings for Mobile App protocol issues has been fixed.
  • Object not found error has been fixed in TruClient while replaying.

Always take a back of your system before installing any LoadRunner patches and review the instructions, precautions, restrictions, and other details carefully before proceeding.

Download LoadRunner Patch 3 using below link:

Download HPE LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3 (HPE Passport is required)

HPE LoadRunner Patch 3 has been released

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