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As I mentioned in my last post, HP has announced HP Mobile Recorder app to test mobile applications. You can test built-in or third party applications using HP Mobile Recorder. You can download HP Mobile Recorder in Google Play Store.

Your android device must be rooted and it is compatible with Samsung devices 4.0.3 or higher. HP Mobile Recorder captures business actions on mobile apps by recording.

Following are the steps to record business actions:

  1. Download HP Mobile Recorder in Google Play Store
  2. Launch Mobile Recorder
  3. Touch on “Start Recording” button
  4. Switch to the app which you want to record like Facebook, Twitter etc
  5. Perform the business actions
  6. Switch to Mobile Recorder and touch on “Stop Recording”
  7. Send the generated script via email or else transfer the recorded script using USB cable to your desktop/laptop where VuGen is installed
  8. Double click on the lrcap file to generate LoadRunner script i.e. Mobile HTTP Protocol
  9. Generated LoadRunner script can be used like any LoadRunner script

Below are the snapshots of HP Mobile Recorder:

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