HP LoadRunner 12.50 Released

August 15, 2015. HP released its latest version of LoadRunner 12.50 with a lot of new features and enhancements. In this article, we are going to see notable features and enhancements of HP LoadRunner 12.50. Prior to version of LoadRunner is HP LoadRunner 12.02.

Where to download HP LoadRunner 12.50?

First, we will see where to download HP LoadRunner 12.50. Login into your account at https://home.saas.hp.com/myaccount/. If you do not have an account, please create one. Go to More Products > LoadRunner to download the latest version of HP LoadRunner 12.50 or you can directly visit this link https://saas.hp.com/download/loadrunner

Below are the various components download which are available in above link. To download HP LoadRunner 12.50, click on HP LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition

LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition

  1. HP LoadRunner tutorial
  2. HP LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition
  3. HP LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition Additional Components
  4. HP LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition Standalone Applications
  5. HP LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition – Language Packs

Notable features and enhancements

One of the important highlights of HP LoadRunner 12.50 is Web – HTTP/HTML protocol supports JavaScript as a new scripting language which will add more value while scripting.

HP LoadRunner help is now available locally as well as online.

Now TruClient protocol supports Chromium and you can record in one browser and replay in another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chromium browsers)

There are improvements in HP Network Virtualization integration.

HP LoadRunner 12.50 now supports following technologies and platforms:

  • Google Compute Engine available as a cloud provider in the Controller.
  • Support of GWT DFE on Linux.
  • Support for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers.
  • Support for latest version of Eclipse and Selenium.
  • Updated Linux load generator matrix with extended support for 64-bit systems

Following protocols has got improvements in various aspects: Web – HTTP/HTML, TruClient, Citrix, .NET, Web Services, Flex, RDP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, RTE, SAP – Web, Siebel – Web, Java Over HTTP, and Windows Sockets.

HP LoadRunner 12.50
HP LoadRunner 12.50

Replay summary has notable improvements such as now you can export replay statistics in PDF. General enhancements such as proxy recording, correlation support for JSON objects for Windows platform only, edit/save all types of files in VuGen editor, and enhanced keyboard support in runtime settings.

Analysis also has got improvements such as new transaction graph by grouping response time by location, performance and UI enhancements, and HTML report now supports in Chrome and Firefox.

HP LoadRunner 12.50 has the latest security fixes and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Windows compatibility.

HP LoadRunner 12.50 now supports integration with below products:

  • HP Diagnostics
  • HP SiteScope
  • HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • HP Performance Center
  • HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)
  • Jenkins plugin
  • HP Service Virtualization
  • HP Mobile Center

Below are the important links which you can bookmark to learn more about HP LoadRunner.

  • HP Software Support Online
  • HP Live Network (HPLN)
  • LoadRunner Support Forum
  • LoadRunner Blog
  • LoadRunner Community Forums
  • LoadRunner Knowledge Base
  • HP Software Integration Support Matrices
  • LoadRunner on Facebook
  • LoadRunner on LinkedIn
  • HP LoadRunner Product Matrix

Please note that Windows 10 is not officially supported by HP.

Disclaimer: QAInsights is not responsible if any damage, loss of data or any form of mishaps to your system/server/computer/device happens during the installation.

HP LoadRunner 12.50

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