HP LoadRunner 11.51 Released

Hello Performance Testers over there, there is a good news from HP. HP LoadRunner 11.51 is now RELEASED officially.
HP has enhanced the features in this newer version in LoadRunner 11.51. Following are the improved areas:

  • VuGen
  • Ajax TruClient
  • Correlations
  • Administrator Right Restrictions
  • Data Format Extension Enhancements (DFE) Support
  • Additional Flex Enhancements support
  • Enriched Citrix Support
  • IPv6 Support
  • Java over HTTP (JOH)
  • Oracle NCA support
  • Web HTTP/HTML Protocol Support
  • Analysis
How to upgrade to HP LoadRunner 11.51?
There are two ways to install HP LoadRunner 11.51. If you do not have LoadRunner set up earlier you can download latest version from HP site. Another way is via HP Updates tool.
  • Go to updates tool
  • Login with your HP Passport credentials
  • Select LoadRunner and its version
  • You can see the relevant files for LoadRunner, VuGen, Load Generator and Analysis Service packs.

Happy Testing!

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