How to verify the file integrity of Apache JMeter?

This blog post talks about how to verify the file integrity of Apache JMeter. Checking the file integrity is critical and gives you the peace of mind by downloading the valid file.

Apache JMeter Integrity

Apache JMeter recommends to check the file integrity once you downloaded either source or binaries. But most of us might skip this part, but it is always recommended to validate the checksum. Checksum helps you to download the valid file and it checks for any data error or corrupt file. Typical algorithms are MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512.

How to verify the file integrity of Apache JMeter?

Usually you download JMeter files from a mirror as shown below. This page displays SHA512 keys for binaries and source.

File Integrity of Apache JMeter
SHA512 – File Integrity of Apache JMeter

Just click on sha512 which will display the below value. Bold part is the value of all the contents in the zip file.

22ed0c9db1039adbf5632e62b46873df1a5ddf30d9db6a79b68b596e963799b2817ed4b1696d04769495d4915981f86c1ab7dea01b117ff902b70979b6431af3 *

Now, let us validate the checksum.

What do you need to validate the integrity?

  1. Downloaded file
  2. Checksum value from the source
  3. Utility to validate

Downloaded file is nothing but the zip file from the JMeter downloads page.

Checksum value from the source is nothing but the sha512 value.


Utility to validate is nothing but the piece of software which will check the file against the checksum value. If both the values are same, you got the right file; if not, your file might be corrupted or it has data errors.

How to check the integrity in Mac?

Follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Launch Terminal (Finder > Terminal)
  2. Enter the below command and then hit Enter
shasum -a 512 <Path>/

The expected output would be

22ed0c9db1039adbf5632e62b46873df1a5ddf30d9db6a79b68b596e963799b2817ed4b1696d04769495d4915981f86c1ab7dea01b117ff902b70979b6431af3  /<Path>/

The above value must match the value which is mentioned here

How to check the integrity in Windows?

To check the file integrity in Microsoft Windows, you need to download certutil.exe. By default, it will be available for you in Windows 10 at C:\Windows\System32

  1. Launch cmd prompt Win + R > cmd
  2. Enter the following command and then hit Enter
certutil -hashfile C:\Users\Navee\OneDrive\Documents\Tools\ sha512

The output should be as shown below.

CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.


Validating checksum value will help us to know about any data error or corrupted files. It is must to check the checksum once you downloaded the source or binary file from the JMeter downloads area.

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