Get Certified in LoadView

If you are looking for a free certificate on performance testing tool, I recommend you to check out LoadView certification. LoadView is from DotCom monitor where you can test the applications using the real browsers as well as using simulation. In this blog post, I am going to guide you in how you can also get certified in LoadView.

About LoadView

Using DotCom solutions, we can test the availability of websites, APIs, and other resources. It supports various protocols, including HTTP(S), POP3, FTP, SMTP, TCP, ICMP etc.

The following are the different types of tests that can be carried out on the DotCom tools:

  • Website Speed Test
  • Web Server Test
  • Traceroute Test
  • DNS Test
  • FTP Test
  • Email Server Test
  • Streaming Media Test
  • Email DNS Blacklist Test
  • Ping Test

LoadView is one of the load testing solutions from DotCom. It is based on the cloud, which helps to validate the performance of websites, applications, and APIs. LoadView leverages real browsers and simulates the defined workload pattern.

Getting Started with LoadView

LoadView doesn’t have forever free tier option, but you will get $20 credit to try the features. Head to to sign up for an account.

Once you are in, you can see the landing page as shown below.


This blog post will not cover any features of LoadView. You need to signup for an account to get a handson about LoadView which will help you in getting certified.

Register for LoadView Certification

To register for LoadView certification, head to and sign up.

After successful registration for LoadView Certification Program, go to My Courses, to start the quiz.

There will be 42 questions with multiple choices as well as text. You can stop and restart the quiz at any point of time.

After submitting the answers, the team will review your responses manually, and they will award the certificate. There is no clear information about how they review and the passing score to get certified.

Quiz Result
Quiz Result

How to prepare for the certification?

LoadView Certification Program covers the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of LoadView. As I mentioned earlier, sign up for a free account and play around to get the hang of it.

Next stop would be documentation. Casually read the wiki page [] of LoadView which will help you to clear the certification easily.

Spend 2-3 hrs daily for a week. You will be good to go for the certification.

Get Certified in LoadView
Get Certified in LoadView


Traditionally, once you get certified, you do not get a chance to refer potential clients in the performance testing and engineering arena. But in LoadView, you get an opportunity to feature in the LoadView directory


LoadView certification is free and easy to clear within a short period of time. It is a good opportunity to learn a new tool for your arsenal. As a performance engineer, we should always keep learning new tools and solutions. It will help you in your career growth, participate in the tool evaluation, to impress your manager and more.

Get Certified in LoadView

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