Free network utilities and network administration tools from HP

In this blog post, we will see free network utilities and network administration tools from HP. Below mentioned tools helps us to manage the network, monitoring the health and availability.

You can download below six tools for free.

HP Ping your Network

This tool helps to ping each host in the network and validates the reachability.

Download now

HP User Registrations Viewer for Microsoft Lync

This tool helps Microsoft Lync admins to see detailed dashboard which includes, providing data on client versions, physical server connections of users, registrar pool information and lots more.

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HP Network Port Scanner

This easy UI tool helps to scan devices for open and used ports.

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HP VM Reporter

This tool helps in displaying results of the Container relationships between the VMware objects. Recent events associated with the VMware objects and many more.

Download now

HP Network Device Configuration Inspector

This tool uses the TFTP protocol to retrieve device configurations.

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HP Network Flow Analytics

This tool measures the network traffic and it extends the network monitoring.

Download now

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Image Courtesy: HP

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