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On 16-Sep-2013, Selenium IDE 2.4.0 has been released. Selenium IDE is a Mozilla Firefox plugin which helps to record and playback actions in the browser. It helps to create Exploratory tests quickly by generating simple scripts. It can also exports Remote Control or WebDriver scripts.

What’s new in Selenium IDE 2.4.0?

  • Enh – Base URL history, recent test cases and recent test suites can be cleared –  issue 6135 
  • Enh – Special key now have shorter names
  • Enh – Support for user extensions in Webdriver playback –  issue 5675 
  • Fix – The recording of entering text in fields uses type instead of sendKeys.
  • Enh – When developer tools are active, the last open test case or suite is automatically opened
  • Fix – Fixed is* commands in Webdriver playback in Selenium IDE –  issue 6118 
  • Enh – Adding ability to show commands as deprecated in Selenium IDE and smartness to show the correct alternative command
  • Enh – Deprecating Selenium IDE commands *TextPresent, typeKeys, keyUp, keyDown and keyPress
  • Enh – Import json library in exported Ruby Webdriver tests
  • Enh – Adding support for waitFor* and waitForNot* commands in Webdriver playback –  issue 5913 

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Download Selenium IDE Plugin

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