Download HP LoadRunner 12.01

HP has released its latest version of LoadRunner. It is a minor version: LoadRunner 12.01. The important feature of this release is HP LoadRunner 12.01 supports HP Cloud solution called HP Helion. HP claims that HP Helion is the #1 private cloud provider.

HP LoadRunner 12.01
HP LoadRunner 12.01

Features of HP LoadRunner 12.01

  1. Much enhanced SSL security which solves known issues like Heartbleed etc.
  2. Protocol additions and enhancements
  3. New supported technologies and platforms
  4. License bundle for mobile
  5. Much enhanced help manual
  6. Windows 8.1 64 bit support

HP offers 30 days of evaluation with all features and community bundle which supports 50 VUsers permanently.

You can check all the features over here and support matrix in this link

Here are some additional references for you:

You can purchase LoadRunner using your credit now.

Download now HP LoadRunner 12.01

HP LoadRunner 12.01

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