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#5 – StormRunner, Neoload, and NFR Gathering – QAInsights Podcast

Listen to this week of QAInsights Podcast featuring StormRunner, NeoLoad, and NFR Gathering. In this episode, I discussed about StormRunner 3.0,  NeoLoad 6.5, and how to collect Non-Functional Requirements Gathering for a Web Service Performance Testing.

Listen to this podcast to learn about StormRunner 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 and its capabilities. Neotys NeoLoad new tech preview of LoadRunner Script converter has been discussed. If you are planning to migrate from LoadRunner to NeoLoad, then you need to listen to this podcast ASAP 🙂

I have discussed in detail how to collect NFR for a web services performance testing project. If you are getting started with web services performance testing, then you must know about NFR elicitation. Here is the high-level overview of this podcast.

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