November 12, 2013

Run JMeter tests in CMD prompt

JMeter utilizes more memory and resources if you add listeners to your high load test. In order to lessen the resource utilization for greater performance, you need to run JMeter tests in cmd prompt and generate the required results after the execution.

How to run JMeter tests in cmd prompt?

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Go to the folder where you installed JMeter and type below command. This executes the script in non-GUI mode.
jmeter -n -t <your_script_path.jmx>

How to generate results after the execution in JMeter?

  1. Add one more parameter to above command which stores the results in *.JTL file as shown below. 
jmeter -n -t <your_script_path.jmx>-l <path_to_store_results_file.jtl>

After testing is complete, you can find the *.jtl file in the specified path. Now launch JMeter with GUI and add any listener to WorkBench/TestPlan. You can add any listener and generate the report.

By default, JMeter do not save threads count in JTL files. If you plan to work with JMeter JTL files, you should enable it by uncommenting in JMETER-INSTALL-DIR/bin/ the line and set it to TRUE.

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2 Comments on “Run JMeter tests in CMD prompt

April 7, 2017 at 12:49 pm

How to add listener to command to run Jmeter test using command prompt

NaveenKumar Namachivayam
April 10, 2017 at 9:35 am

Hi Priyanka,

Best way to generate report is enable only Simple Data Writer in your Test Plan and execute it from NON-GUI mode. By having this listener, you can generate any types of graphs/charts in JMeter. Hope this helps. Thanks for checking my blog. 🙂


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